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“Impact in our sales performance”

Krista and K.Coaching have made a positive impact in our sales performance through the Sales Training for Results sessions. Krista’s experience enabled the team to identify their true goals, formulate plans of attack and then implement. K.Coaching is a great resource for any high performing team or team wishing to increase its performance.

Brisbane, Australia

“Dynamic, motivating, entertaining and knowledgeable”

Krista Moore hosts overflow crowds for her presentations at our Annual Business Conference. Attendees repeatedly described her as dynamic, motivating, entertaining and knowledgeable. And many raved about the specific ideas and strategies they are taking back to implement in their businesses!

Sandra Williams
Director of Dealer Training and Development
S.P. Richards Co.

“A breakthrough moment”

THANK YOU for your beautiful presence, talent, light, and confidence!!!  By being “you” and sharing your story and your knowledge, you inspired me to be now the leader I want to become!!! I had a breakthrough moment last Saturday by just being in your presence. So, from the bottom of my heart I want to say THANK YOU!!

Josefina Webster

“Take your business to the next level”

As any great coach Krista is a teacher, a mind provoker, a challenger, an encourager and supporter. She is everything you need to take your business to the next level!  I would highly recommend Krista Moore and K.Coaching to anyone who is looking to grow and improve their business.

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Kathy Hoyle
Hoyle Office Solutions

“Impact the value to our clients”

The Changing Conversations training was the perfect fit for us. K.Coaching customized the program for our B2C business needs enabling us to build additional selling skills, execute our sales approach and truly impact the value to our clients.


Bill Stark
Southern Energy Management

“Significantly improved our focus and execution”

Working with K.Coaching has significantly improved our focus and execution of our business plan. Her insight and knowledge has helped create growth strategies, address company weakness, and improve how we market and compete. I would highly recommend K.Coaching.


Bret Wrigley
Wrigley’s Business Products and Services

Tips for Crucial Conversations

Tips for Crucial ConversationsCrucial Conversations are easy to avoid. Consider the following tips when providing constructive feedback.

1. Managers should only give feedback to improve an employee’s job performance or work-related behavior. Feedback should not be given regarding an employee’s private life unless it affects their ability to work.

2. Focus on the individual’s actions rather than their personality.

3. Focus on the individual’s future instead of dwelling on past actions.

4. For the greatest impact, don’t delay feedback. Provide it as soon 


Providing Constructive Feedback

At K.Coaching, we work with many clients that want to improve their leadership and management skills. Often we see managers avoiding crucial conversations or giving constructive feedback. Sometimes it may feel better to just ignore the situation, hoping that it will go away, instead of addressing the situation appropriately and constructively. Most likely, the manager will provide short, pointed, unflattering remarks to get a sales rep’s attention.

The next time an employee requires constructive feedback, consider it an opportunity to impact their future behavior in a positive way. If given properly, constructive feedback can make a difference between an employee’s success and failure,


Coaching Isn’t Just for Sports Anymore

Coaching Isn't Just for SportsWhen we think of coaches, we usually think of successful leaders from the world of sports: Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Billy Martin or Tommy Lasorda. What do these and other successful coaches have in common?

Each had an ability to guide individuals of varying and differing talents to work together and succeed as a team.

Each knew how to align team objectives and goals