Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Her real life experiences resonate”

Krista Moore’s ‘ShipBuilding’ concepts for building PartnerShips and RelationShips are right on! Her dynamic speaking style is filled with passion and her real life experiences resonate with both your head and your heart.

Steven M.R. Covey

Bestselling author, The Speed of Trust:
Co-founder and CEO, CoveyLink Worldwide

“Unleash our sales leader’s potential”

Krista Moore’s action-oriented coaching approach has played an integral role in the successful execution of our objective-based coaching program for high potential sales leaders. She has an uncanny ability to zone in on what needs to happen to reach the coaching objectives and unleash our sales leader’s potential to drive business results.  If you are serious about tangible results, I would highly recommend having Krista coach your high potential leaders.

Sales Learning & Performance