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Build a Successful RelationSHIP

Our relationships with our business partners, customers, and employees can make the difference between a successful business and one that is not growing.  If you intentionally, deliberately, and proactively work on building your “ships”—partnerships and relationships—you will have sustainable growth.


Management vs. Leadership

I am often asked what makes the difference between a successful, growing, thriving business and one that is stagnant, tired, and slow to change. Does the difference lie in their technology,  people, or marketing? These are all likely contributors, but I can sum up the principle source of the difference in one word: leadership.

There is a lack of great leadership in many businesses. Often the leader, by title or name, wears many hats, and may not have the time or resources to focus on his or her personal development. Without a true example of what one looks like, the leader tends to work long, hard hours, directly in the business, doing his or her best to grow and hoping others will mimic those actions.


3 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Sales Professionals

The marketing landscape is changing, and as sales professionals we have to stay ahead of the curve.  But where do we start?  For many of us, our marketing expertise begins and ends with e-mail.  Though this is a start, it is important that sales professionals are expanded to social media and the smartphone, two interfaces which are becoming increasingly important in the sales and marketing world.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Schulman, Founder and CEO of Fortune Web Marketing, during The Krista Moore Talk Show and learned these 3 MUST HAVE tips and tricks for digital marketing. Think about how these tips can apply to you as a sales professional and new ways you can interface and communicate with your prospects and customers.


Motivate Your Employees

Managers often ask, “How can we motivate our employees?”  I wish there was one simple answer, but every individual is motivated in different ways, and therefore the method of motivation may differ person to person. Instead of asking “How do I motivate them?” consider what you can do different to influence and affect each individual’s behavior and action.  Remember…motivation comes from within.

Here are a few tips to get you started.