Who is K.Coaching?

K.Coaching founder and CEO Krista Moore, left corporate America after 20 years in sales leadership positions to follow her heart and entrepreneurial spirit. She founded K.Coaching, Inc. in 2003 to build a company around her talents, expertise, and passion for growing businesses through effective sales leadership.

Krista learned first-hand how difficult it can be when you are promoted to management without experience or training and asked to lead companies. Learning the hard way, she intentionally focused on developing the necessary skills and quickly gained the respect and follower-ship of her peers and sales teams. Everyone she worked with experienced the positive impact that her inspiring style and management systems had on their organizations growth and individual’s success. Since then, she has made it her lifelong mission to share what she learned so that others can get on the fast track to achieving success.

How your goals are achieved through K.Coaching

The K.Coaching executive team consists of Certified Business Coaches and training and development experts that listen and understand your current challenges and obstacles to growth. Using our 7 Steps to Sales Success Model, we are able to quickly assess your sales management system and style and identify gaps and barriers to growth.

We then offer recommendations and resources for improvement which includes a customized learning and development program to help you execute the necessary changes. These programs are often a blend of individual or team coaching, consulting or training for your executives, sales leaders and/or sales teams.

Our goal is for you to be the best that you can be and get the business results you’re looking for. Below are typical K.Coaching Programs.