Build a Successful RelationSHIP

Our relationships with our business partners, customers, and employees can make the difference between a successful business and one that is not growing.  If you intentionally, deliberately, and proactively work on building your “ships”—partnerships and relationships—you will have sustainable growth.


Management vs. Leadership

I am often asked what makes the difference between a successful, growing, thriving business and one that is stagnant, tired, and slow to change. Does the difference lie in their technology,  people, or marketing? These are all likely contributors, but I can sum up the principle source of the difference in one word: leadership.

There is a lack of great leadership in many businesses. Often the leader, by title or name, wears many hats, and may not have the time or resources to focus on his or her personal development. Without a true example of what one looks like, the leader tends to work long, hard hours, directly in the business, doing his or her best to grow and hoping others will mimic those actions.


Motivate Your Employees

Managers often ask, “How can we motivate our employees?”  I wish there was one simple answer, but every individual is motivated in different ways, and therefore the method of motivation may differ person to person. Instead of asking “How do I motivate them?” consider what you can do different to influence and affect each individual’s behavior and action.  Remember…motivation comes from within.

Here are a few tips to get you started.


7 Sales Management Landmines to Avoid

Avoiding LandminesJust like sales people, sales managers need skill development and training. So often they are put into a sales management role because they were a “great sales rep” and so often, we see them struggle and make mistakes because their new role as manager calls for a completely different skill set to succeed.

We also see cases where companies hire experienced sales managers and tell them to “go for it” with similarly disappointing results, usually because the direction was unclear or expectations were unrealistic.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, without sales management training and development you can easily make mistakes.

To get this year off to a great start, I’d like to share with you 7 Sales Management Landmines to Avoid.


Coaching Isn’t Just for Sports Anymore

Coaching Isn't Just for SportsWhen we think of coaches, we usually think of successful leaders from the world of sports: Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Billy Martin or Tommy Lasorda. What do these and other successful coaches have in common?

Each had an ability to guide individuals of varying and differing talents to work together and succeed as a team.

Each knew how to align team objectives and goals


Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

Are You a Good BossAs an Executive Coach for K.Coaching, Inc. , I see a variety of leadership and management styles and the clear difference between what could be called a “good boss” vs. “bad boss”. I wanted to summarize a few simple rules along with suggestions that you can easily implement:

1. Be approachable and accessible. Try walking around the office, engaging with your employees, have direct eye contact, open body language and a pleasant demeanor.

2. Be mentally present, practice being an “active listener.” Give your employees the time and attention they deserve. The next time they come into your office, ask them to have a seat, and then turn away from your 


7 Steps to Sales Success

7 Steps to Sales SuccessI wanted to share with you K.Coaching’s  proven method for building a successful and sustainable sales organization. We call this our 7 Steps to Sales Success.

When you review the model, keep in mind the order of the steps are important; with the first step being the foundation and the subsequent steps building from 


Masterminds. No need to do it alone.

“Mastermind groups” have emerged as a fresh new approach to personal and professional development and we are seeing an increasing number of executives and entrepreneurs getting involved in these types of programs.

At K.Coaching, our executive coaches are currently facilitating a number of mastermind groups. We also participate in mastermind programs to enrich our own professional