Sales Management

Sales Management

7 Sales Management Landmines to Avoid

Avoiding LandminesJust like sales people, sales managers need skill development and training. So often they are put into a sales management role because they were a “great sales rep” and so often, we see them struggle and make mistakes because their new role as manager calls for a completely different skill set to succeed.

We also see cases where companies hire experienced sales managers and tell them to “go for it” with similarly disappointing results, usually because the direction was unclear or expectations were unrealistic.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, without sales management training and development you can easily make mistakes.

To get this year off to a great start, I’d like to share with you 7 Sales Management Landmines to Avoid.


7 Steps to Sales Success

7 Steps to Sales SuccessI wanted to share with you K.Coaching’s  proven method for building a successful and sustainable sales organization. We call this our 7 Steps to Sales Success.

When you review the model, keep in mind the order of the steps are important; with the first step being the foundation and the subsequent steps building from 


Providing Positive Feedback

Many business owners and sales leaders may not realize the importance of providing feedback to their employees to enhance organizational growth and development. When correctly given, feedback helps improve job performance while promoting professional and personal growth in employees.

Providing feedback is often thought of as constructive or negative. But providing positive feedback can improve morale, empower employees and improve the quality of their work.

Although  both forms of feedback are important,