Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

WIN with Change

Why wouldn’t you change if you knew these tactics would make you more successful?”

Sales reps, teams, and managers often find it difficult to apply what they learn in sales training’s.

Teams come away from these training’s feeling inspired, only to return to the same tired grind the next work day.  Why?  At K.Coaching we believe that in order to shift, a company must have an understanding the three facets of change:  How to think about change, what it means to invest, and how to grow from there.


The first step to transforming your company, is to “change how you think about change”. Instead of thinking, “This doesn’t affect me, my customers don’t need this”, or  “We’ll get to it, but we’re just too busy right now,” learn to think about change more positively.


7 Steps to Sales Success

7 Steps to Sales SuccessI wanted to share with you K.Coaching’s  proven method for building a successful and sustainable sales organization. We call this our 7 Steps to Sales Success.

When you review the model, keep in mind the order of the steps are important; with the first step being the foundation and the subsequent steps building from 


Create a Winning Strategy

Create a Winning StrategyEveryone knows the importance of establishing a plan for business growth. But many business owners and sales leaders find it frustrating when their best laid plans are not executed and fail to yield the expected results.

If you find yourself in this predicament, ask yourself the following questions:

Was your plan or idea well communicated both orally and 


Be a Real Professional

Be a Real ProfessionalIt seems like today, everyone is calling themselves a professional—whether they are competent in their job or not. There are the titles of “Professional Marketing Ninja,” “Professional Social Media Rock Star,” and the (perhaps more common) title of “Professional Sales Executive”. But are these considered “real” professionals? For that matter, what does a real professional look like?

I believe professionalism is more than being dressed for success or saying the right things.