Coaching Isn't Just for SportsWhen we think of coaches, we usually think of successful leaders from the world of sports: Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Billy Martin or Tommy Lasorda. What do these and other successful coaches have in common?

Each had an ability to guide individuals of varying and differing talents to work together and succeed as a team.

Each knew how to align team objectives and goals and communicate these ideas effectively.

Each knew how to make his players understand their responsibilities, and how to motivate and inspire each of them to be the best that they could be.

Given the importance of coaching for success, we can understand why business coaching has emerged over the past decade as an effective method for motivating and challenging already successful leaders to attain an even higher level of achievement.

Many companies are engaging professional business coaches, like those at K.Coaching, Inc. to further develop their leaders and high performers. Business coaching is considered a benefit, perk and investment in the personal development and leaderships skills for a company’s high potential employees.

In addition, training has proven to be an important adjunct to business coaching: statistics show that training in conjunction with coaching increases retention and productivity by 83%!

How can you be a Coach in your own business?

Many companies are teaching their leaders to develop a “coaching style”. To begin this transformation, an organization’s management processes and style need to be defined and predictable and sales reps need to clearly understand their leaders’ expectations and their own accountability to the process.

A Coach…

… Aligns activities to the company’s vision and strategy.

…Creates goals and continuously develops his or her team.

…Holds his or her reps accountable.

…Listens, understands and has an emotional connection.

…Motivates and inspires to get the best out of others!

The ultimate objective of leading with a coaching style is achieving the desired results through others. Just as with sports, the coach cannot perform for his players on the field; rather, the coach must teach, guide, inspire and motivate his players to work in concert to achieve results and WIN.



Krista Moore, president of K.Coaching, Inc., an executive coaching and consulting practice that helps hundreds of companies maximize their full potential through enhancing their sales strategies, sales processes and sales leadership.