What is the #1 differentiator between a highly successful dealer and those that are struggling and slow to grow?

Effective Sales Leadership






  • No written sales strategy or sharing of vision.
  • No real quota system or clearly defined goals and objectives.
  • Limited one-on-one time or field activity.
  • No regular meetings for feedback.
  • No developmental plan for improvement of skills, attitude and competency.



  • Limits your ability to get sustainable results. You are seen as their friend rather than their boss.
  • Sales reps typically don’t have quotas, clearly defined sales objectives and aren’t held accountable.
  • Therefore they tend to be complacent, not concerned or threatened about their job security.
  • You are nice to those that are working hard.
  • Often avoid crucial conversations.



  • This raises your ability to manage effectively, because you have progressed beyond the MIA and the Nice Guy.
  • Your management system and sales process is defined and predictable. The sales reps are clear on what is expected and they are held accountable.