Behind every successful business is an outstanding leader.

Many leaders have exceptional natural skills and abilities. Are you a great leader, but may be suffering from a lack of discipline, focus, and execution?

K.Coaching offers leadership coaching programs to enhance the power and effectiveness of your leadership style and adeptly guide you and your team to reach and even exceed your goals. Our programs are customized to meet your specific needs, requirements, and timelines.

Examples of our Leadership Programs include:

Virtual Sales Management: No need to manage it alone.

Many business owners are also juggling sales management responsibilities and need a streamlined system and process to be more effective. The Virtual Sales Management program helps your business by having K.Coaching play an active role in the development and growth of your sales team; working in areas of setting goals, training, conducting sales meetings, participating in performance reviews and providing feedback.


Sales Leadership Coaching: Managers manage tasks, leaders inspire people.

This program turns successful sales managers into highly effective sales leaders—guiding and inspiring the team to reach goals faster and more efficiently. Our approach allows you to discover your own strengths as well as those of their team, to confirm goals and objectives so expectations are crystal clear, and to learn how you can coach your sales reps to play a bigger game.


Race to Amazing: Your personal journey towards personal and professional greatness!

The Race to Amazing program can be conducted individually or with a team of business leaders. It is designed to create awareness of your current leadership effectiveness, gain commitment to personal and professional development, and begin implementing the changes you need to be an amazing, inspiring leader and get the results you want through others. During this course, you will work through challenges, learn management and leadership skills, and receive constructive and positive feedback from your peers on your leadership style.


Young Adult Leadership: Young professionals need coaching, too.

You do not need to be a high-level executive to take advantage of professional leadership coaching. Career development, goal setting, and networking are pertinent to a young person as well. K.Coaching’s Young Adult Leadership (YAL) programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual and are conducted through peer groups and/or one-on-one coaching. The YAL program is objective based, with pre-set expectations between the young adults and their sponsor. During this program, the young adult will work through challenges, set goals and gain clarity on their core values. The key fundamentals of leadership will be assessed and a path for further skill development will be created.  All of this will be done with a certified business coach that will provide guidance, insights and accountability through this program.


Examples of other K.Coaching Programs include:

  • Sales Management System and Style Assessment – Opens your eyes to gaps in how you manage and lead your team. Discover if your personal style could be holding you and your team back, and what can you change to get the results you need.
  • Sales Team Assessments – Does your team have the skills, desire, and competence to execute your strategies and grow your business profitably? You’ll know with this assessment, and then learn what to do about it.
  • Sales Process Review and Recommendations – Our proven Sales Process Design Model enhances and documents your current system, while aligning job aids and training to quickly move your sales team to closing more deals faster.
  • Quota Setting, Accountability, and Funnel Management – This powerful tool is an accountability system that will allow you to analyze your sales reps efforts, create new business expectations, close business faster, and project new business opportunities.