Your sales reps are the front-line
of your business.

They have tremendous influence on both your customers’ satisfaction, and your bottom-line results. Having a highly-skilled and motivated sales team not only increases your revenue and profitability – it’s a clear competitive advantage.

Everyone can hone their selling skills and reignite their enthusiasm through sales coaching and training. Whether you’re looking to develop a rookie or motivate your most seasoned pros, K.Coaching makes the training easy to understand, and applicable to your world.

At K.Coaching you can expect:

  • Relevant sales training and coaching customized for your business challenges, unique industry, and sales process.
  • Real-world sales consulting, and training designed and delivered by a sales expert with more than two decades of hands-on, “in-the-trenches,” experience at businesses large and small. You can feel confident you’re working with an experienced professional who’s faced and overcome the same challenges your team does every day.
  • Your choice of web-based, on-demand or live events. Our trainers and business coaches will work with you to customize a learning and development program that will get your team moving in the right direction, quickly.
  • Access to LearnCore™, our collaborative learning system.  This saves you thousands of dollars in travel costs, while getting your team interacting and practicing the new skills through learning, testing and video pitch practicing, while you and your coach provide feedback and accolades.

Changing Conversations – Sales Training Program

The traditional sales rep role has changed drastically over the past five years with the onset of social media, eCommerce, and immediate access to data intelligence. Your customers’ needs are changing as the internet has produced an explosion of competition, and has conditioned them for instant gratification. This new sales environment makes it more difficult to differentiate from your competition and sell value, not price.

Now is the time for your sales reps to change their conversations and move your sales reps to “Sales 2.0,” Level 5 Conversations. Our proven methods will transform your sales force into a team of trusted advisers, enabling them to close bigger deals, sell more to existing clients and build rock-solid loyalty with your customers, year after year.

New Hire Success On-boarding Program

New Hire Success KitHave you ever been excited about hiring a new sales rep, and then been disappointed in their progress? Like many other business owners, you know how frustrating and difficult it is to hire and retain great sales people.

This On-boarding Program helps you plan, assess, interview, train, and coach your new sales talent so they can quickly become profitable. This program can include assessments, recommendations, goal setting, accountability models, compensation planning, and one-on-one coaching and training. New Hire Success On-boarding is customized for your learning and development needs.

Below are some examples to ensure your sales reps are off and running.

  • A sales position job description so you can easily and quickly advertise new openings
  • A checklist detailing the core competencies of your top reps so you can better gauge an applicant’s potential and guide his or her development after hiring
  • Interviewing guidelines and even specific questions you should ask to gain valuable insights into their attitudes and capabilities
  • Access to online assessments for an objective evaluation of a candidate’s compatibility with your unique job requirements
  • Recommended expectations and compensation for first-year reps so both you and the new hire know how success will be measured
  • Keys to establishing quotas that motivate employees to achieve more
  • Sales training programs that help your new hires get up to speed quickly
  • Access to a Virtual Sales Manager to support your current management and leadership system
  • Utilize LearnCore™ for interactive training, testing role playing, and video pitch practicing