Many business owners and sales leaders may not realize the importance of providing feedback to their employees to enhance organizational growth and development. When correctly given, feedback helps improve job performance while promoting professional and personal growth in employees.

Providing feedback is often thought of as constructive or negative. But providing positive feedback can improve morale, empower employees and improve the quality of their work.

Although  both forms of feedback are important, positive feedback reinforces the desired behavior, and should be used more frequently.

Providing Positive Feedback

Let’s explore an example of giving positive feedback. What can you do to be more effective and to ensure your sales reps continue the positive behavior that you want from them?

Situation: After a successful sales call with your sales rep, you get in the car and say, “You did a great job!” Way to go!” In your mind, you might think that you are encouraging them and giving them positive feedback, right?

Consider the following steps as a means to praise as well as reinforce excellent performance.

1. Describe the positive behavior.
“I thought you did a great job on the sales call. You were asking the customer a lot of important, open-ended questions to understand what they needed, rather than just talking about price and telling them about our company.”

2. Explain why the behavior is positive.
“This was important, because you were able to build rapport; they opened up and told us a lot of important information about their current situation that will enable us to come back with a winning proposal.”

3. Help the individual accept credit.
“Do you understand why this was so great? You really applied some great selling skills.”

4. Thank and encourage the individual.
“I just wanted to thank you for you efforts. If you continue these types of selling skills, you will have a lot of success in getting new accounts and growing your business!”

When you use all four steps in your conversations, you will ensure they understand the impact of their actions and will be encouraging the positive behavior.



Krista Moore, president of K.Coaching, Inc., an executive coaching and consulting practice that helps hundreds of companies maximize their full potential through enhancing their sales strategies, sales processes and sales leadership.